Is Too much Exercise a Bad Thing?

Is Too much Exercise a Bad Thing?

So you’ve taken the big step to start exercising at the beginning of the New Year. The newfound passion needs to be channelled, and we highly recommend that you seek out a trainer if you are starting out. A trainer will guide you and give a workout plan that eases you into the regime, and after a point, you will inevitably start to deviate from the plan as you begin to understand how your body works. The point where you start to deviate is the most crucial juncture as it can make all the difference at the end of the day. Most people who train without trainers tend to over exert themselves in a bid to reach their goals earlier. This deviance can greatly result in risks to the human body in ways that can become irreversible. This phenomenon is referred to as overtraining syndrome and results in a number of physical and psychological effects. Here in this article, we will look into some of those effects.

Starting off with the physical effects, overtraining can result in increased resting heart rates. A sure sign of overtraining is seen where the resting heart rate increases by five beats per minute. The increased heart rate needs to be managed, and we suggest that you take the help of a trained professional before continuing with your workout. Some other significant signs are weight loss and loss of appetite. You might mistake these cues as your body becomes healthy. But in reality, the sudden loss in weight coupled with appetite loss is a sign that you are overtraining. Just think about it logically, if you are overexerting yourself in a physical activity you should experience a great deal of craving for food to fuel your system and your workout should result in muscle gain and not weight loss, unless that is what the agenda is. Other sure-fire giveaways of overtraining syndrome is a sudden onset of thirst during the nights, which indicates dehydration.

Now let’s look at the psychological effects. The psychological effects cannot be narrowed down as precisely as physical effects. Some of the common impacts are disturbed sleep cycles, apathy, depression and being tired all the time.

The biggest issue with overtraining syndrome is the hormonal imbalance that occurs. So if you realise that your system is getting strained and have identified some of the symptoms mentioned above then go and get checked out before the damage becomes severe or permanent.

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